"I am guiding you in the way of wisdom, and I am leading you on the right path." proverbs 4:11

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(from the Amplified Bible; Selah=Pause and calmly think about that.  i know scholars differ on what the word really means, but like in Frindle -  this is the meaning the word has taken on for me.  it?s a good exortation for me whatever word one wants to use)

taking more walk breaks this week. 

in the multitude of my anxious thoughts.....this takes over:

God is my Shepherd.....His Peace transcends.....He is with me.

and my youngest walks by with this:

Hey mom, what did one volcano say to the other?

i don?t know

stop int-erupting me

Ha ha-laugh out loud Ha!

and i made that up on the spot, mom!  he says beaming at my response

His Peace  does indeed Transcend

and a good laugh accomplishes much!

being still and grieving while "the whole creation is groaning"

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last week a child at my daughter?s school passed away.  Sunday we received news that big Papa has cancer....it?s in the lymph nodes.  the prognosis is months to live.  2 years ago fire raged through our land at hurricane force.  our dear friends and neighbors lost their house.  we lost our cabin.  last year fire returned and took the rest of the community.  Tuesday tornados in Oklahoma.  2 elementary schools.  last year floods and tornados and all those waves and water on the East Coast.

the point of all this recapping is this.



oh Christians, grieve.

there are no answers, no platitudes for times like these.  verses like Romans 8:28, yes it?s true.  but when you are standing in the rubble of what used to be your neighborhood.....its not the time for that.

its time for quiet prayers of strengthening of the inner man.  time for standing beside, holding and weeping together.  letting the wailing come.  for giving blankets and socks and tea.  for listening without drawing conclusions about a person?s faith...or lack of it.  and certainly no conclusions about what God is doing or saying.  oh from one who has grieved-i implore you-none of that. 

  ?Then the LORD answered Job out of the storm.  He said:  Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without knowledge? ..... Where were you when I laid the earth?s foundation? Tell me, if you understand.....?


there is this book.  its quite an old book written by one who had seen great sufferring, and was experiecing her own personal sufferring.  it has brought me great comfort as it is not a book written ?from the well to the ill and so misses the mark.?  


when i rode in the ambulance holding my 8 month old son....sat outside the door where my husband was inside helping to hold him down while they desperately tried to get the life-saving IV in him.  hearing his  cries of deep pain as they kept sticking the needle in again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.  11 tries.  hours of trying.  there were no answers.  the prayers of faith pleading for the one who controls the seas to guide the doctors hand....  left unanswered....no, left answered with; ?no.?  i did believe He could.  i did believe He would.  He didn't.  why must a little one suffer so?  why must his mother suffer so?  if he is going to die, get it over with already, why this agony?  oh those hours took me so many places.  questions and accusations.  confusions.  he lived.  the questions have never been answered. (just new ones-like 'why did he get to live?')   but they have been stilled. it has been a journey-and the Lord who knows the number of hairs on my head is the One who knows how to still me.  Amy?s words:  ?Thy calvery stills my questions.  a love that loves like THAT can be trusted with THIS.?    its not a place of answers, but of trusting that His love was proved at Calvary, and even this is not able to disprove it-though it tries hard.    

if God hasn?t given an answer, lets not make one up for him.  let us rest in His love proven.  let us hold on to His goodness for those who cannot right now.  let us not fear the journey.  the questions. the absence of answers.

let us pray. 

let us PRAY.  


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grieving over all who are missing it.  who don?t have it.  and struggling myself to hold on to it.

that?s how this day started.

and then.

Since Christ is risen.....


His death proves His love, His resurrection proves His power. 

if He can conquer death.....


Corrie Ten Boom learned that there is no pit so deep that God?s love is not deeper still.

and Emily over at chattingatthesky put it this way: 

?the companionship of Jesus goes deeper still.?


He whisper's to my heart; "I Know....it. all. I've still got more moves* left."

(*thinking of chess/checkmate)

This is not the end.  it's lifting.... growing.... returning.....

Glorious Hope

Passover...and He never lets go

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this playing

dishes sudsing

energy given for the washing

artist girl creating for school

trip to the library set 2 boys to reading

silent night, holy night, all. is. calm.

it?s been crazy around here

for such a long long time.

we missed passover last year when we spent the whole Holy week serving

and stood in awe at what the One who never lets go grasped hold of....

letting us participate-fear and trembling all the way.

now, the anniversary- oh what a year-barely time for breathing.

and i sat exhausted in this place yesterday. pleading.

pleading for energy to not give up on our thursday passover seder*

the kids. oh how they love it.  oh the depth it adds.  oh the work.

breathe in grace to just pick up a rotisserie, throw in some frozen broccoli and call the meal done.

knowing its all the other pieces that take. us. deep.

choosing to fit it in.

i hate that. 

it feels like we are choosing to fit remembrance of You into living for You....(or is it living for us?)

exhaustion is never a good time for figuring these things out.

so tonight.  i breathe deep.  breathe in the calm.  praise for the energy to wash up...

and to actually bake something. (is apple pie kosher??)

praise for the prayers answered...i almost missed it-forgetting i'd prayed, forgetting what i asked for, and the moment almost passed me by without notice.

but it didn't.  You opened my eyes and let me see this....

silent night, holy night.

all is calm, all is bright.

You came.  You passed-over. 

You never let go.

*not an affiliate link- just the kit i bought years ago.

Lead up the Rock

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it was a difficult week.  serving ones perceived ungrateful-but in all actuality-hurt.

before i was given the privilage to actually understand, i wanted out.  i questioned-why are we doing this?  what is the point?  it is not that i expect a certain appreciation for our 'work', or even to have some ?100 fold fruit?.  but what i do expect is that our 'work' will not enable.  will not contribute to satan?s work in their lives.  and i haven?t always been sure.  so when it appears that the people we are serving--are ungrateful,  it makes me think they aren?t being helped by my kindness (sometimes helping actually hurts)-and maybe we have made things too comfortable.  maybe what is needed is a reality check. 

but when what is actually happening is hurt--that is different.  kindness and comfort are just what is called for when hurt, isn?t it?

again i remember-i prayed before, during.  my responses and interactions were prayed over.  but i don?t trust it still.  and in Your kindness-right at the very end-You grant understanding.  and i see--the response was actually what was needed.  and i remember to stop doubting and believe.  what i don?t know.... is what it is You are communicating....how it is Your Spirit is translating....what good You are bringing about by my perceived failure.  and really-where was i when You laid the foundations of the earth?  (translated-Jesus doesn?t? owe me insight or understanding-it?s grace that He gives it at all)


forward a couple of weeks.  a conversation comes on the craziest of days.  one i?m not prepared for and have no time for. i speak into a heart who knows You not.  i shoot up prayers of help in the conversation and the words-they just come.  and again i doubt.  was that portion* of the gospel what was really needed?  did the truth break through or did i just muddy the waters and enable this one to continue on the path apart from You?  conversation over, moving on into the tasks of this crazy/craziest day.  pleading, pleading in the car for You to break through.  will you give me insight this time to see that it was what was needed?  probably not.  but will i remember once again to trust?  trust that You are communicating-Your Spirit is translating? 

*for it seems most often it?s pieces of the gospel handed out one morsel at a time....


what is it that i really want? am i still not free from the chains of ?getting it right??  the chains of forgetting Who. You. Are.   that Who. You. Are. is sufficient-for their needs and mine?


i take a "walk break".  a day comes that affords me some quiet.  and i sit. in. Your. Presence.

words pierce through-pierce through the fog that is threatening to engulf me. today i am giving into it....sort of.  letting it come.  shutting the door.  sitting before the One who gave all for love of me.  reading and reading and reading.  but it is all just blurred and jumbled in the fog.  still tired....exhausted really.  still under pressure, far beyond my ability.  and guilt for even thinking that in light of pressure that exists elsewhere.  ....and loss of joy.  joy engulfed in this fog, i grasp for it. 

until the piercing words.

?therefore, since through God?s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart.....and even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing....but we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us....?


taking this ?one minute walk amidst of the 3 minute run?.  it?s restoring the joy.  restoring the freedom that comes when i remember; being this cracked pot that i am shows that the all-surpassing power is from God and not me. 

for when my heart is overwhelmed within-He leads me to the Rock that is higher than i.  that Rock who laid the foundations of the earth.


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