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Chasing Joy is now live

Chasing Joy is now live

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Published on April 14th, 2014 @ 04:03:00 pm , using 242 words, 29869 views

If you were to knock on my front door, i would open it with
"Hello!  come on in.  can i get you a cup of tea?"

and the floors would be in terrible shape.  the paint is wearing off the 100 year old wood and don't take off your shoes because we've been having trouble with splinters lately.  we'd sit down at my tiny kitchen table and i'd move books and dishes out of your way.  and we'd sit there midst the messes and undone-ness of this house.  and i'd pray that i would be given the grace to forget and God would grant my request and we'd have a nice chat.  and when you leave and i remember the real state of things, i would say a prayer of thanks that He grants courage and joy and a friend who will come over anyways.

this is a little bit how i feel about my new space.  the colors aren't quite what i want and the font is not quite right-a bit on the large side.  the wigets and such aren't up and running.  i am hoping to get some other features going.  but while i'm muddling through the construction and technical aspect of things, life continues happening and posts continue to spring forth and i find myself encouraged to have you over anyway.

You can now find me over at:


so come on over.  i would love for you to stop by!

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