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To a Different Drum

To a Different Drum

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To a Different Drum

To a Different Drum
by Dr. Pauline J. Hamilton
An Autobiography

Favorite Quotes:

 ?It was the beginning of a new life for me, a life of simply following step by step.?  p.6

?But somehow I knew that God would have me trust Him for all my needs.  The little bit of personal money I had at the beginning of the Semester was now used up, so even if I could stay on [in college] I still had the problem of where to get the money to pay my tuition.  Yet as I prayed, I had a peaceful heart.?  p.16

?While my friends ended up with degrees plus debts, I ended up with degrees and money in my pocket because I had dared to trust a God who kept his promise to guide me step by step.? p.18

?My faith was really being strengthened, and I felt a new deeper knowledge of God?s love.  How wonderful it was to see His hands at work in so many impossible situations during those.....weeks.....the lessons I learned were more precious than the money that was stolen or the missing Bible study notes.... A while later when I shared this testimony with several groups, they asked, ?Why didn?t you let us know your need?  We could have helped you.?  Had I done that,? I replied, ?I would have missed one of the most precious experiences of my whole life.?  p.198-199

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